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Welcome!! is a website dedicated to helping the relationships of ALL women dating or in relationships with Black men. This website is also dedicated to helping the Black man understand his role in the success or failure of his dating and intimate relationships.

Women Dating Black Men face unique challenges specific to this dating category. Often times the Women Dating Black Men, and the women who love Black men; experience the “highest of highs” and the “lowest of lows” in their pursuit of a stable, well balanced and committed relationship.

This website is dedicated to solving that problem … and having a lot of fun in the process! is dedicated to the process of exposing and dissolving certain behaviors  that destroy love and stifle relationships between Black men and the women who are attracted to them, date them and love them.  Therefore it is necessary to explore ALL aspects of Black relationships without finger pointing.

It is extremely important for you to understand clearly that the purpose of this website is to examine the relationships between Black men and the women dating them… and provide solutions where needed. Whether it’s White Women Dating Black Men, Hispanic Women Dating Black Men, Asian or Arab Women Dating Black Men or Black Women Dating Black Men!

It is not an attempt to publicly ridicule or insult the Black man or the women who are attracted to Black men. Nor should it be dismissed as superficial.

Many of the opinions and sections on this website will appear extremely controversial, and contradict some of the most publicly and privately held views. This is done intentionally to lend a hand in facilitating the relationships of Black men and the Women Dating Black Men… and to preserve the growth of an already fragile union.

So let’s have some fun… and let’s learn some things to ignite our relationships!

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