Do you love Black men – Comments

Someone asked me how do I feel about the comments. Thanks for the support and understanding.


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24 Responses to “Do you love Black men – Comments”

  1. @fomiz Thank you! We go back a long way.

  2. @kamar56 LOL! Thank you!

  3. @Steadno LOL! Thank you! I will put up a video about a conversation that I had with four white guys. One of them told us that he sleep with 42 Japanese women in 2011. I wonder how many hate comments he will get. LOL!

  4. if u cannot understand the hate? … well, imagine a devil in a nazi uniform … that will improve your understanding and peace of mind in one fell swoop, you will know exactly who you are dealing with and how to act accordingly
    devil in nazi uniform; wanna go get some lunch?
    you; ….ah,no man, i’m good …i uh ate already

  5. yea man never let them get to u you , ur doing a great job with ur vids regardless of wht they are about they are all intertainning and funny sometimes, soo u have a subcriber for evere here!! . dnt stop doing wht you do!!!.

  6. @GS350JPN there you go speaking in riddles again. once i figure out the last bit of what you were saying i’ll get back to you lol

  7. @GS350JPN

    DINU; hey man nice hair =)
    you; .. hey thanks.
    DINU; wanna come out with me and my friends?
    you; …….uh, yeah would love to, but i ah … have a prior engagement,sorry
    DINU; hey have you seen my wallet?
    you; …. riiiight, i gotta go.
    DINU; me and my friends are throwing a bonfire party, wanna come
    you; ……… (looks at the devil in a nazi uniform) ………… sorry i am busy that day.
    DINU; i didn’t say what day it was yet.
    you; …… what day is it?
    DINU; monday
    you; busy

  8. @krisleebob Thanks. I have lots more to come.

  9. @fomiz That is what someone said to me on that ETJ (English Teachers in Japan) forum. LOL!

  10. @GS350JPN other races of men have a deep seeded fear our sexuality which is why when they used to lynch us the very first thing they did was hack off our manhood

  11. @GS350JPN where they japanese? sounds like it to me. lol. some japanese women i have dated can be really deep yet so vague and unemotional the next minute, but i guess thats all women for you, not just japanese lol

  12. Haters Gonna Hate.. most of your haters are probably people who want to go to Japan and aren’t there yet..

  13. @GS350JPN I’m looking forward to that video. I wonder, how many of those japanese women he genuinely likes?

  14. Lol haters are gonna hate. They hate me because my girl is Japanese and she has big tits. Plus, she isnt skinny either.

  15. FUCK DA HATAZ! It’s all good Ralph.


  17. Listen. I talked to my Japanese girlfriend and she told me that Japanese women like black men more then white men. This is not an assumption. She told me this.

  18. i think its just them being jealous we black men come a looong way , when i lived in new york one time if a white girl saw me walking down the street they clutch their purse & cross over to the other side , these days they cross back over to ask for my number . another day i met this girl from amsterdam that said she dates only black men & wants a black husband . all i can say is wow the attitude towards us really changed is such a short time . when your #1 you know the haters gonna show up .

  19. The reason why they hate us so much is because they know other non black women think we are sexy.

  20. LOL Its Youtube man the Haters are what your making the video for. I don’t don’t know why they like us but they do…and some time it does not matter what age too. 18-50
    “you can have whatever you like” but treat them with respect.

  21. @QUBECOGNITO True everyone I have dated has like me. My current one told me when she was a teenager she had corn rows. That is how much style we have.

  22. @yagdrasil that ain’t nothing – I don’t know if you have been outside the U.S. – but I have been to 7 different countries and let me tell you – they show black guys a lot of love! That is why I am always on my best behavior when I go outside the U.S. because some of the people have never met an african american – so I was always trying to prove the U.S. news media wrong. But unfortunately, there are some black guys that go out and act like a fool – I stay far away from them!

  23. A lot of bros have jelousy problems. Took this J chick on a date.. she put it in her facebook and linked me..then all these bros from her friends list started emailing me shyt

  24. @maigono2010 That is cold. Let them hate. 

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